With WEBbeams, your cafe’s wifi issues are a fading memory.

Works With Any Device

Offer safe, fast, and secure wifi to your customers, regardless of their mobile device and carrier.

Custom Login Screen

Give your customers a familiar and branded experience as they log onto your cafe’s secure wifi.

Extremely Powerful

Balance the needs of your shop, point-of-sale, credit card processing, and in-store security while offering reliable wifi for your customers.

Top Notch Support

Your specialty is coffee; ours is wifi and secure Internet networking. Let us support you so you can focus on what you do best!

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WEBbeams helps you take control of your coffee shop's wifi

Give your customers the wifi they want in your shop, with the security and peace of mind you demand.

growOur managed wifi solutions help you focus on your business, not your internet connection.

Our Smart Router is not like the typical router you would buy off the shelf at your local electronic store, this industrial router is built for the secure and reliable needs of today’s public HotSpot. When our equipment is placed between your modem, network devices, and end-users, it acts as a brain for your entire network. The WEBbeams Router enables us to balance the bandwidth needs of your business with the demands of your customers.

Traditional routers are not designed with coffee shop owners, baristas, and customers in mind.

Our managed wifi service allows you to:

  • – Easily give away or sell wifi access
  • – Maintain PCI DSS and CALEA compliance
  • – Secure and prioritize critical Internet traffic (i.e. POS, back office computer, webcams, etc…)
  • – Cut Internet administrative costs
  • – Control bandwidth hogs
  • – Help protect customers from HotSpot dangers, and
  • – Add an additional revenue stream from external users

Give your customers a seamless experience with custom-branded login and welcome pages.

  • CustomizedLogin– Your brand front and center.
  • – Custom color theme
  • – Sleek and user friendly design
  • – Offer free access with purchase
  • – Control how users login and how much time they get
  • – Pay-per-use & subscriptions for extra revenue

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